COVID-19 Coronavirus Update


Coronavirus Update

Bethea voluntarily participated in the first round of nursing facility COVID-19 testing by DHEC the week of May 11. The test results indicated nursing residents and staff had tested positive for the virus. Since then, Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing residents and staff members have been routinely tested for the virus. To date, many Bethea residents and staff members have recovered from the virus and there are no residents or staff with active COVID-19 symptoms.  

At Bethea, our top priority is the safety and well-being of our residents. We actively follow CDC guidelines to mitigate exposure, such as continued restricted visitation, enhanced infection control precautions, and isolation of affected individuals. Residents are monitored for symptoms and treatment is provided as appropriate. Though the impact of the virus has been felt most by our treasured nursing residents, we are encouraged by the improvement of those who have recovered from the illness.  

Bethea continues to provide regular updates to residents, family members and staff as well as local and state health agencies.  Our nursing staff faithfully deliver compassionate care to those who call Bethea home, and we look forward to the time when we can safely reunite residents and their families, as allowed by South Carolina and CMS (Centers of Medicare Services) authorities.   

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On-Call Emergency Worker Sign up

SCBMA leadership is preparing for every possible scenario as the pandemic evolves.  Part of that effort involves compiling a list of Emergency On-Call Workers who are willing to provide care and services to residents at Bethea or Martha Franks should we find ourselves short of staff.

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